Town Hall: Core Values Presentation

Below is a Summary of the Core Values that were presented on Wednesday February 22, 2022.  We will be voting on them March 13, 2022.  There is also a video below that further explains the values and how they were developed.   You can also Download the PDF of the presentation with additional information by clicking the box below. 

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01  Laying the foundation

Proverbs 29:18 

Abiding in God's Word. That is the prophetic vision we find mentioned in Proverbs 29:18.  To flourish the church must be GROUNDED in the Word.  


The process of discovery

The questionnaire was handed out to active members in attendance.  Late 2020/ Early 2021 

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Grace Core Values Presentation.004.jpeg


Searching the Scripture

Led to seeing 3 core values of the church in Acts, these were then used as a lens of the values listed as being of importance to those that completed the survey. 


Developing Core Values

This led to looking at the why we should have core values and the purpose of core values to help focus and help us move forward as a unified church body. 

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Grace Core Values Presentation.001.jpeg


Projected Core Values: to be voted on March 13, 2022. 

3 Core Values Identified: 

  • EQUIP the Body

  • ENCOURAGE families

  • ENGAGE the community 

Core Values Video